About us

Why Summertown and Wallingford?

Both areas love wine almost as much as we do! Whether it’s visitors to the historic centre, nights out, party hosts or just lovers of good wine, both Summertown and Wallingford enjoy a good glass of wine and we love helping you find it.

Our Philosophy

It’s all about great wine. We don’t care what it is or where it’s from, if it’s a fabulous bottle then we want it in our shop! We want to bring you the world’s best wine, and we’ve plenty to treat the most sophisticated palate, but when we’re buying there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a bargain we think will become a classic.

Is it just wine?

Of course not! While we bonded over magnificent Italian reds and beautiful Burgundies, we love a beer as much as anyone, and if your gin collection is bigger than Michael’s then you’ll definitely enjoy our spirit section! Come and peruse our craft beers, local ales and lagers, or if you like something a little stronger, we’ve got cognac, whisky, rum, gin, vodka for every occasion.