Wallingford – 4.30pm-6.45pm (Free drop in)

Come and meet Shaun from Rickety Bridge and taste through a portfolio of their estate wines. Whilst we stock a few of their wines we’re excited to taste our way through their selection and learn what makes them so special. No charge, just drop in, have a chat and taste some wines!

Rickety Bridge is a winery with a long tradition. With a history going back to 1797, the estate and its legacy have been passed on to its current owner Duncan Spence who has been ownership of the estate since 2000.

This historic estate was originally part of the great La Provence farm given to French Huguenot farmers in 1694. Over the years the property was divided and the portion which is now Rickety Bridge was granted to Paulina De Villiers, one of the first female landowners in South Africa, in 1797.