Let’s share a glass

There’s no better way to explore the wonderful world of wine than by coming to one of our tastings.

We’ve taken our first steps towards normality with the return of instore tasting events, in distanced bubbles after closing time. For the time being, we will continue to host in store but will do so ‘after hours’ to allow a little more distance between those attending. Tastings typically start at 7.15pm and last for around an hour and a half.

Check out our events below, and stay in touch as we enjoy more wine events in store and online.

Would you like us to host a tasting privately for you and a group of friends/family? If so, drop us a line on 01865 661749 (Summertown) or 01491 824549 (Wallingford) or and email to summertown/wallingford@grapemindsdrinkalike.co.uk