Let’s share a glass

There’s no better way to explore the wonderful world of wine than by coming to one of our tastings.

With the introduction of Summertown Wine Bar, our Summertown tastings tend to take place in their private tasting room starting and our Wallingford tastings in the store. Both typically start at 7pm although please check the individual event times. Generally tastings last for 90 minutes, include some light nibbles and include 6-8 wines.

Check out our events below, and stay in touch as we enjoy more wine events in store and online.

Would you like us to host a tasting privately for you and a group of friends/family? If so, drop us a line on 01865 661749 (Summertown) or 01491 824549 (Wallingford) or an email to summertown/wallingford@grapemindsdrinkalike.co.uk


Wines of the Loire (Summertown)


Summertown – 7pm

Red, white, rose, still or sparkling.. you can find it all from the Loire Valley! Take a trip down the river with Lou and experience the Loire’s sparkling Cremant, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc and more!


Iberian Peninsula


Wallingford (7pm)

Ed will talk you through the regions of Spain & Portugal.  From the renowned wines of  Rioja & the Douro to the lesser known areas.  The Iberian Peninsula has many local, indigenous grape varieties, often not grown anywhere else & summer is a great time to explore these!

Sorry we're sold out right now.

Old Vines Tasting


Summertown Wine Bar – 7pm

Old vines put forth the sweetest grapes – or at least they have a strong tendency to favour quality over quantity. Tonight we’ll taste a broad range of old vine wines from all across the world, including one from vines over 150 years old, to see just how much experience can improve the flavours of a wine.